Dealing with Disappointment

Aakriti Joanna

Published on

When was the last time disappointment hit you? When was the last time a plan you were looking forward to got cancelled? What were your thoughts during that time, did you feel like quitting? Did you fell that the world was falling apart, did you have a vacuum that just over took you and made you feel miserable? Perhaps you wanted to patch up with an old friend and that meeting did not go as planned, the new job isn’t what you thought it would be, the excitement to relocate was not as expected.

Disappointment is not a nice feeling and certainly disrupts the way we behave. We have this tendency to be harsh even when we don’t intend to be. Our behaviour imparts a wrong impression with the people we rub shoulders with every single day. We find comfort by settling into a state of being very moody, cranky and we often find ourselves using words that we definitely don’t mean. Our whole personality drastically changes from the person we are. We are not pleasant to talk to or be with.

This is a time when we feel isolated and feel very distant from everyone else, we notice that there are people who are not bothered to stop by and greet, our mind is filled with negative thoughts and we are not able to work things out on our own.

Disappointments in life are an everyday issue and people deal with it, depending on how big the level of disappointment is and how we decide to cope with it. Disappointment, if not treated in the right way, may lead to depression.

While disappointment is something that we all go through, the flip side of it is that disappointment is also a place where we can look beyond just the situation, giving us a glimpse of the positive side it has:

  1. Disappointment – A burning passion to reach a goal:

The fact that there is disappointment over something gives you enough evidence that it is something very dear and holds great value. Disappointment is like an innate desire that enables you to reach your goal or outcome. To be able to go through disappointment is a lot better that to feel nothing at all.

  1. Disappointment- A opportunity for growth:

If disappointment hits you, a better way of looking at it is to change the way you think and act during the situation.

Being disappointed is not harmful, as long as we use it as a tool of motivation that helps us work harder to achieve our goals.