The Feet of Mother Teresa

Anthony Aravind

Published on

I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love” – St. Teresa

On the event of the canonisation of Mother Teresa, there were innumerable posts, news feeds, status updates, and pictures not just on the social networking platforms but on every possible form of media. All of it was most deserving for St. Teresa. St. Teresa was a life size synonym of humility, meekness and love. All those who had an encounter with St. Teresa were recipients or I choose to say hostages of her inundated love and humility. St. Teresa crossed all possible barriers one could think of and her unconditional love was the only reason for it. Among the horde of posts and pictures, a candid picture of her feet caught my attention. Not only did it get my attention, it moved me emotionally because I could see layers of stories unveil in that picture.screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-2-34-57-pm

Words would have definitely failed in my attempt to describe her feet. What if I told you that LOVE disfigured her feet? I would like to take you back to her phrase I have quoted at the beginning of this article, ‘…if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love’. St. Teresa didn’t speak her mind rather she spoke her experience.

St. Teresa’s home of charity for the destitute isn’t unfamiliar, it was driven by funds and acts of charity by people like us. Almost all sorts of stuff were provided through acts of charity including footwear. St. Teresa always let the others pick their comfortable footwear and then manage with the ones that were left behind either because they were in a bad condition or the wrong size or both. This sacrificial and loving gesture of St. Teresa eventually disfigured her feet.

What is your Relationship Goal?

Better write it down, you will need it. While the relationship goal differs from person to person there is one absolute goal in any relationship and for any and all couples. Honour, value, and love the other person selflessly; consider the other better than you; make the other first and of utmost importance. There can be many versions of this statement but only one way to practice it. TRUE LOVE – falling in love can be described as deeply, madly, crazily, ecstatically, exuberantly, exasperatingly, breathtakingly and as many adjectives exists, but nothing can stand the test of time if not TRULY in LOVE.

True love won’t make your heart go raging like a bull, true love will not settle for anything less than your 100%, true love is never insecure, true love never considers imperfections; rather true love will melt your heart, true love is selfless, true love is polite and humble, true love is accommodating, true love is forgiving, true love will go beyond hurt, and above all true love never seizes to inspire and influence.

It is impossible to replicate the love displayed by St. Teresa but are you willing to take the risk? The risk of being hurt yet continue to love? Are you willing to focus the spot light on to other person? Are you willing to be selfless? Are you willing to be humble and meek? Romeo and Juliet, Laila and Majnu, Shajahan and Mumtaz they were all great couples with great love stories but the greatest love story is St. Teresa’s. Take a good look at St. Teresa’s feet, introspect from within and ask yourself this question ‘Is there anything in my life that has been permanently changed because of my love for my partner/the other person?’