Preethi Joseph

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Tips on How to Keep Your Relationship Strong

  1. Stop arguing over money.
  2. Be more affectionate.
  3. Make your partner a priority.
  4. Respect each other when you argue.
  5. Share things with your partner.
  6. Be friends.
  7. Don’t get upset over trifles.
  8. Letting go of unrealistic expectations is the healthiest thing you can do for love.

Tips on when seeking Divorce

  1. Recognise that it’s OK to have different feelings.
  2. Go on a solo trip, give yourself a break.
  3. Don’t go through this alone, you will definitely need help and advice along the way.
  4. Take good care of yourself emotionally and physically.
  5. Avoid power struggles and arguments with your spouse or former spouse.
  6. Take time to explore your interests and look keen into them.
  7. Think positively.
  8. Life will certainly get back to normal.

Tips for talking to kids

  1. Reassure and listen. Make sure your kids know that your divorce is not their fault neither is it your spouses’ Listen to and ease their concerns, be patient because they deserve to know not to forget be compassionate but direct in your responses.
  2. Maintain stability and routines. Try to keep your kids’ daily and weekly routines as familiar and stable as possible.
  3. Offer consistent discipline. Now that your kids may share time with both parents separately, make sure to agree in advance on bedtimes, curfews and other everyday decisions, as well as any punishments.
  4. Let your children know they can rely on you. Make and keep realistic promises. And don’t overly confide in them about your feelings about the divorce.
  5. Don’t involve your children in the conflict. Avoid arguing with or talking negatively about the other parent in front of your kids. Don’t use them as spies or messengers, or make them take sides.