Self-care for those distressed by the mentally distressed


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Mohit slit his wrist because he was worn-out of the constant struggle going on in his mind of wanting to support his erratic natured wife or choose peace of mind by opting for a divorce. Any effort he made to support his wife in managing her anger and self-harming behaviour went in vain. He was also tired of running around to counsellors and psychiatrists. His wife never stuck to any one profession and did not show any signs of improvement.  The conflict did not end and his relationship with his wife kept deteriorating.

He in fact isolated himself from extended family members and friends because he felt ashamed of his wife’s behaviour and her accusations and the humiliation he faced in public. He was completely clueless on how to live his life and felt helpless and hopeless.

There are many stories similar to that of Mohit that we have known, heard of, read about in newspapers, blogs etc. Some of them have committed suicide, some of them have lost sanity and others are still struggling to build a peaceful life.
In this situation, taking care of oneself and including healthy habits will keep the safety of the person intact and his relationships also harmonious.

Healthy routine: Develop a routine of waking up, eating time, and fixed activity schedule to adjust to daily life with ease.

Exercise/mediation: Go for a walk, run, go to a gym, do yoga or meditate to channelise the negative thoughts and emotions that gather in your mind and body and release the stress and feel grounded.

Hobby: Developing a hobby makes you create positive energy.

Self-time/ vacation: Take time off to rejuvenate by taking short breaks from your routine. These breaks could be with family, friends or alone.

Draw support from family and friends: Avoid being isolated. Connect with friends and extended family and draw support from them to feel stronger.

You can always seek a counsellor’s support to make this difficult journey.