The Six Pillars of a Healthy Relationship


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Every human being has an inherent need or desire to be in a relationship. There could be different reasons why one would want to be in one, but irrespective of what the reason is, there are various kinds of relations that we come across in our daily lives. Now there are a few things that one can do to make their relationship, let’s say, successful.

  • Respect is one of the most important pillars in a relationship. Be it by respecting each other’s space or even doing small things for each other, it shows that both understand and appreciate one and another. Respect is the foundation to a healthy, understanding and happy relationship in the long run. There can be days where it might be frustrating for the both of you to be under one roof and perhaps even stand each other. Understanding that there are lows to life, and there is effort that each put in and that it can get tiring at times, is respecting when it is most needed.
  • Trust in a relationship. in other words, is the glue that holds the relationship afloat. The stronger it is, the longer it will stay. Trusting your spouse can mean trusting them with anything- responsibilities, your thoughts, your fears, even your love. Trust in the relationship brings security to one another. It is something that will grow with experience and time
  • It is very important that there is a bond of friendship between the couple apart from the bond of marriage. They should have a genuine interest in each other’s personality and enjoy each other’s company. There should be an earnest effort to make time for each other and show the other that you are interested in that person’s life.
  • Laughing is quite the stress buster in a tense situation. If one of the partners is humorous there’s nothing like it. A lot of conflicts could be resolved if the issues are taken in a lighter vein. Let there be constant humour in the relationship. Stop taking everything seriously, try and overlook some mistakes because in the end you know you love that person.
  • Many couples fail to communicate with each other effectively. They hide their feelings due to various reasons – subdued by the partner, ego, afraid to hurt feelings or rake up old hurts. It is highly important that you communicate and let your anger out before the sun goes down. I’ll say…its better out than in!
  • Physical intimacy is also a very vital determinant of how happy the relationship is. It is a way to express your physical emotions. It is a part of your healthy relationship, which is not just an addition but rather goes hand in hand with emotional connections.

There are a lot of such indicators, but it’s necessary that the effort is made from both sided to hold on to the relationship and remain faithful.