Twist and Turn


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Ever wondered what would happen after sitting for long hours working on laptops in a closed environment?

Research studies have persistently pointed out that a ‘sedentary’ life style at work does irreversible damage to the body over a period of time. Back aches, muscle cramps in the shoulders, neck, back, legs and so on are the immediate effects seen and long term effects could be cardiac and lifestyle diseases. Other studies also note that it affects the productivity of the individual at their work place.

Bend a little here, twist a little there and it is all taken care of. Here are a few lifts, twists and bends that can help you keep your body healthy, and your mind alert through the day. And needless to say, staying awake and energetic has other positive side effects!

Neck Rolls: Sit up straight in your chair. Look up at the ceiling, roll towards left side, look at the ground, roll to the right side and look ahead. This is one round of neck roll. Do it slow and as only as much as you can stretch for five times.

Benefits: This is a warm-up exercise that releases the accumulated tension from the neck comes from sitting for long hours.

The Mountain Pose: Sit on the edge of the chair, straighten your back, and lift up your arms towards the roof and look up. Stay in the pose for five slow breaths. Lower your arms, relax the posture and lean back on your chair.

Benefits: This posture strengthens the lower body while stretching the upper back. It energises the body.

Upper Body Twist: Sit up straight; slowly move your upper body towards the right along with arms, stay for 30 seconds and return to the original position. Now turn your body towards left, stay for 30 seconds and return to the original position. Repeat it for five times.

Benefits: Twists release tension from the spine, your abdomen and the obliques.

Leg Exercises: Sit on the chair, pull the right leg up to your chin, lower it and stretch it in the front and lower it to the original position. Repeat the same with the left leg. You can do the same exercise with both legs at the same time.

Benefits: Leg stretches improves blood flow in the body and activates the brain.

Restorative Pose: Before resuming work, do a relaxation exercise. Cross your arms above your head, bend down on the table and rest for a minute or two while breathing taking slow deep breaths.

Benefits: This pose is effective in relaxing your facial muscles and prevents fatigue.

Next time, before you pop a pill, think of doing a little twist and turn!