Our expert counsellors will design focused therapy sessions to find solutions to your current problems and help you focus on your future wellness in order to overcome depression.

Depression is a constant state of sadness that disconnects a person from reality and forces him/her to be trapped in a cage of negativity. The mind continuously thinks that everything in life is beyond reach, which further results in the person deploring his or her actions. This tragic state of mental health is increasing with the stressful lives most people live these days. Depression spawns from various factors. The most common are stress, genetic predisposition, life events like loss of a close family member etc. Childhood experiences like sexual abuse predisposes episodes to depressive disorder in the future. Prolonged stress and pressures at both workplace and home manifests itself as depression for men and women both. Failed relationships and divorce contribute perhaps in the biggest way that leads to major depression.

How we can help?

Our counsellor will help you identify the triggers that make you feel low and upset and the activities that disinterest you. Through the counselling process a number of coping strategies will be developed for everyday tasks to overcome depression symptoms. Feedback will be given on these strategies that will help you understand the progress you make. Our counsellor will teach you step-by-step techniques to challenge the negative thoughts you might have that are usually accompanied with depression. This process will help you gain awareness of your thoughts and elevate your moods which is an important aspect of depression treatment. The treatment of depression involves techniques which take into account your comfort level as well. By the end of the session you will be equipped with coping strategies to improve your mental health.

“There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds”

Laurell K. Hamilton
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Social Media: Vulnerability to Depression

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Aakriti Joanna