Sexual Issues

Our trusted counsellors can be your confidants to discuss all your concerns and provide you with solutions to solve your sexual difficulty problems and restore marital harmony.

Any individual or couple can experience sexual issues. These issues could range from difficulties experienced during sexual intercourse, or a past traumatic incident that has left a lasting impression in one’s life. These issues can be very stressful, leaving one to feel helpless and caught up. If not taken care of, it can often lead to depression and cause difficulties in one performing daily activities with ease.

How we can help?

Sexual issues can lead to feelings of stress, helplessness, embarrassment and loneliness among many other emotions. Through a relationship counselling session with our counsellors, these feelings will be identified and worked upon using specific techniques keeping in mind your comfort level. Through these sessions, coping strategies will be discovered and skills for coping with your feelings will be taught to you.

Be gentle with yourself. You’re doing the best you can. 

Stings Like a Bee

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