Wellness Coaching

Our counsellors will focus on your health and wellness through therapy sessions that will lead you towards holistic wellness. 

Wellness coaching involves dedicated time working with the individual to improve their health and helping them achieve a healthier mind and body. This may involve working with a nutritionist to help the individual follow the right diet, avoid excessive eating or working with eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia.

Wellness coaching also helps individuals identify whether they are involved in substance abuse (drugs, alcohol, smoking) and designing programs to help them overcome their addictions.

How we can help?

In our wellness counselling program, we work with clients who might have a diet related problem, a smoking problem or an alcohol problem and help them focus on their health and wellness.

Through this counselling program at our wellness centre, our counsellors will focus on nutrition, which is the key to a healthy lifestyle and help you identify if you’re overweight, obese or have an eating disorder.  We will also help to identify if they are involved in substance abuse (drugs, alcohol, cigarettes) and guide them on the correct path to recovery. Our trained counsellors will assist you in identifying the right choices along with therapeutic techniques coupled with certain exercises and relaxation procedures for your body and mind.

“No matter how old you are, not matter how much you weigh, you can still control the health of your body”

Dr. Mehmet Oz
Creating a Healthy Job Environment

High pressure is expensive: to the organisations and to the working members alike. A research study by American Psychological Association estimated that more than $500 billion is drained off from the US economy because of workplace stress, and 550 million workdays are lost each year due to stress on the job as reported by Harvard Business Review. Continue reading…

Happiness…Do I need it?

Happiness is a subjective experience and is considered by many as an intangible art. It has been widely studied by scholars and other mental health professionals, and has been found to be a dynamic state; even the happiest people feel sad sometimes, and the bluest people experience joyful moments. Continue reading…

Aruna Arumugam
Let it Rain

Rain. The ferocious yet gentle, raw and calming power of rain. The monsoons were my favourite as a child. The amazing response of the Earth to the water from the heavens. Continue reading…

That’s Not What I Meant

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” – George Bernard Shaw For those who misunderstand communication with language: Language is merely a mode of communication, now try to imagine a world without communication. Continue reading…

Aakriti Joanna
Twist and Turn

Ever wondered what would happen after sitting for long hours working on laptops in a closed environment? Research studies have persistently pointed out that a ‘sedentary’ life style at work does irreversible damage to the body over a period of time. Continue reading…

To Eat or Not to Eat: The Truth about Comfort Eating

It is common for many of us to eat when we are feeling stressed, bored, sad or anxious. A small bar of chocolate when we are stressed, that tub of ice cream when our boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with us, or the extra bag of chips during a particularly tough day at work. Continue reading…

Aruna Arumugam