Location : Bengaluru

Concerned Areas : Child and Adolescent Psychiatry | Neuropsychiatry | Palliative Care Psychiatry |

Dr Vidya holds a DNB in Psychiatry from the Schizophrenia Research Foundation, Chennai, a globally recognised WHO-collaborating centre for mental health research, training and rehabilitation. She has a post-graduate diploma in Psychiatry and an MBBS from the from RGUHS, and a post-graduate certificate in Child and Adolescent Mental Health from the Pathways Foundation.

She has worked as a medical doctor and consultant psychiatrist at research and rehabilitation centres in Coimbatore and Tirupur, most recently at the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry clinic in the Vazhikatti Mental Health Centre & Research Institute in Coimbatore. She teaches psychotherapy and counselling to graduate students and has addressed state, national and international audiences on schizotypy, psychosis, and managing psychiatric emergencies.

She is passionate about patient care and wellbeing, especially when treating children and adolescents. Her areas of interest are child and adolescent psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, and palliative care psychiatry.

Dr Vidya speaks English, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi.

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