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Pre-marital counselling program

Every person has certain expectations about what their wedding will look like. Weeks and months are spent planning every little detail for the big day and the ones that precede it. You know exactly the kind of decoration you want; you are very particular about the colour and style you wear; only the best makes the cut when it comes to food and other arrangements…

The irony, however, is that for all the planning and preparation for the wedding, there seems to be little thought put into the marriage itself! It is no surprise then that a lot of couples find the first two years to be the most challenging period of married life. The initial years involve learning about your partner and their habits, and also learning about how you react to their habits. It may require you to make certain adjustments, which you probably weren’t prepared for. Basic issues such as living arrangements, finances, children, or even how to spend weekends, can become starting points for conflicts.

Even couples who have known each other for years before they got married may have never thought of discussing certain concerns which could be potential causes for marital stress. For example, how and how much do you plan to save? When do you want to have children? How do you plan to split responsibilities? To ensure that your transition to married life is smooth, HealthEminds brings to you a unique relationship counselling program focussing specifically on enhancing compatibility with your soon-to-be-spouse. It gives couples an opportunity to build and improve the skills required for a healthy, thriving marriage.

This program is made up of individual and couple sessions. It will give both partners an opportunity to understand the dynamics of the relationship in the presence of a warm, non-judgmental professional, who will encourage them to address any issues that the couple might be facing. They will also be facilitated to set realistic expectations, talk about crucial issues, and gain awareness about similarities and differences in values, beliefs etc.

An interesting survey by the Journal of Family Psychology reported that pre-marital education (usually conducted in the form of workshops or group sessions) significantly reduces the probability of divorce. Pre-marital counselling is more personalized than pre-marital education and helps you to openly discuss your concerns in a confidential environment.

At the end of this program both partners will gain a clearer understanding of expectations from each other and the marriage. They will be equipped with the skills to successfully manage crisis situations and disagreements. Above all, this program will help them start their married life on a positive note, setting the tone for a lasting and strong relationship.

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