Collaboration and shared knowledge are key to raising awareness of mental wellness and making it accessible to all.

HealtheMinds works closely with public and private organisations, academic institutions and research facilities, corporations and individual experts, volunteers and sponsors to make this crucial endeavour a success.



HealtheMinds engages with and advises public organisations and government departments on mental wellness through education and awareness programmes, public health initiatives, research studies, design and deployment of intra-governmental services, and more.

We provide trauma counselling and support services in partnership with the public health system after natural disasters and other events that affect large numbers of people. We are also experienced in supporting frontline healthcare workers whose high-pressure, high-stress work adversely affects their peace of mind and ability to do their jobs.

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HealtheMinds works with an eminent panel of highly qualified, experienced experts in the field of mental health. We support and engage in research and consulting to further human understanding of the causes and treatments of mental issues, diagnostic and otherwise.

We set up and operate online and in-person therapy and counselling cells for students, staff and faculty at educational institutions.

Several of our experts are also educators; they publish research in academic journals and deliver lectures and courses in mental health, psychology, psychotherapy and other related fields at institutions of higher learning in India and internationally.

We are constantly seeking opportunities to collaborate.

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We don’t just set up and run highly effective and valuable Employee Assistance Programmes for companies; we also work with them to deliver mental health services that raise awareness; drive penetration to underserved areas (such as rural and semi-urban locations); and plan and deliver on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments in the field of mental health.

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Mental Health Professionals

HealtheMinds is a platform on which individual mental wellness practitioners and experts can reach a wider audience. We facilitate your engagement with potential clients. By working with us, you can expand the span and coverage of your expertise while availing of a professional, confidential, secure and reliable service with years of experience in delivering mental wellness solutions to both practitioners and clients worldwide.

If you are a medical practitioner under stress and needs support, we are here for you too! Connect with us today to recover your inner strength and face the tough times with calm and courage. The world needs more heroes like you, and every hero needs a sidekick like us!

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