Let it Rain


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Rain. The ferocious yet gentle, raw and calming power of rain. The monsoons were my favourite as a child. The amazing response of the Earth to the water from the heavens. I have often pondered upon the similarity of humans and rain in how the beauty of rain is enjoyed in its expression, but more often than not, emotions aren’t.

How are they similar?

  • The world through the window in the rain looks more complete in blissful blur, where we appreciate the leaves, the lights and every tiny detail that is soaked in water. Similarly, us, when in doubt, we fail and falter to find clarity. Instead, take a break. Sit back. And look at the blur. What do you see? Sometimes you can see so much more when we disconnect from the stressful emotions. Give it time, till the sun shines, to carry on with what you have appreciated from the rain.
  • Rain is a refreshment to the world, so are emotions to you. Knowing and recognizing your emotions are such a relief! A lot of confusion and stress comes from not knowing how you feel. Observe yourself and understand what stresses you out, what you love doing and what relaxes you. Know yourself the best.
  • The rain is much enjoyed after a sunny day. So have you had a bad day? A long day where nothing has gone well? Unwind. Do something that brings you happiness. Sit by the corner and have a cup of coffee. Cry. Shout. Party. Anything! You see, the rain arrives with grandeur, only after a sunny, scorching hot day.
  • On similar lines, never lose hope even on the driest and unclouded day. Believe that the rain is soon approaching. We have those times in our lives where we need the hope of a cool, rainy day.
  • Don’t we all appreciate and adore the tiniest of things in the rain? The smell of wet earth, the galore of birds flying back to their homes, the trickling of droplets on the roof, the breeze and rhythm of the trees, like Earth gets ready for a shower. Likewise, appreciate the small things that make you happy, nostalgic, grateful, angry and even sad. Life is a roller coaster of emotions and roller coasters aren’t fun when it goes only up, right?

All in all, you are the rain. You can be gentle and soothing, or even ferocious, destructive. But it is all authentically you. Enjoy every bit of yourself and work on becoming better.

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Lenni George