Love Beyond Expectations


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“The only way love can last a lifetime is if it’s unconditional. The truth is this: love is not determined by the one being loved but rather by the one choosing to love.”

Stephen Kendrick, The Love Dare

Just in case you’re wondering, this is not about a dramatic Shakespearean love story and how I’ve analysed it. This, right here is a love story that can’t be captured in simple words. Yet.. I have attempted to do the same.

Jack was 4 years old when he first met Cleo,and they were inseparable from that very first sight. Every evening at 5 Cleo would wait outside Jack’s house and knowing this Jack always tested his friendship, and made Cleo wait for him but she never complained.

Their friendship was not bound by time or distance. That being said, Cleo was very protective about Jack. She demanded undivided attention every time they were together.

Years passed by and their bond grew stronger. On a cold winter morning of November 29th, Cleo turned 10. Jack saved all his pocket money to buy Cleo a  birthday gift. He took her to the shop to treat her and saw Cleo gleefully gazing at a bone. Jack bought her the bone, and Cleo barked with joy. Seeing her this happy and excited made Jack happy.

Till this day, everyone in the neighbourhood talks about the inseparable bond Jack and Cleo shared. Their relationship became a benchmark for friendships.  When Cleo was only a few months old, Jack found her near the garbage. Nobody accepted her, even Jack’s family was against having a pet at home. But he never gave up. He had already fallen in love with her and hid her behind the garage.  He fed her, took care of her and did everything that a friend and caregiver would do. Cleo found her best friend in Jack. This is how their friendship and unconditional love took birth.

The Old Model of Love by James Leonard Park, talks about love with expectations and love without expectations. As humans, we tend to love because we need to be needed by someone as well as we have the desire to feel secure. Few points that he mentioned are:

  • Security
  • Romance
  • Approval
  • Physical intimacy
  • Communication and companionship

Unlike, Cleo and Jack, we being humans, have the imbedded need to expect as well. Despite agreeing or not, there is always an unsaid amount of realistic or unrealistic demands that we make.

It’s not always about romantic love, but loving someone unconditionally and having no expectations is something that is rare and complex, yet beautiful and life changing at the same time

Do you think it is possible to put aside our ego and love someone beyond expectations?