Squabbles Between Couples – Good or Bad?

Anthony Aravind

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“Don’t worry when I fight with you, worry when I stop because it means there’s nothing left for us to fight for” – Unknown

Tiffs in a relationship have always been a mental dilemma trying to figure out; whether it is needed or not, if it is good or bad, if good then to what extent and if bad then how to avoid them. What once seemed to kindle and re-kindle the romance is now beginning to frustrate, infuriate, annoy and irritate. Will this turn into hatred? Why is it that I’m not finding it likeable and romantic anymore? The questions are endless I’m sure. So, what can be done about it? Here is a take on the Squbble Between Couples.

The truth is there is a fine line that separates the lovey dovey tiffs from the aberrant fights. Once you identify this fine line and understand how to maintain a safe distance from it, you can play along.

  1. Honeymoon Period: This is the most important phase in your relationship. Honeymooning is not just about finding a way to kick-start your romantic relationship. Keeping your mind open to learn is as important as you keep your heart open to your partner in this period. To an extent trial and errors will be excused in this phase, so make the most out of it and learn as much as you can about your partner. Don’t just learn what the other person likes, learn what she/he doesn’t like as well.
  2. Take It Slow: Overdoing is always a danger. It is even more dangerous in a relationship. Your knowledge of what and what not to do doesn’t permit you to push it. Don’t try too hard, it will only seem manipulative. Keep it cool, be a natural, and take it slow. The key is to give time for her/him to ponder and embrace those little moments.
  3. Be Fully Aware: You can easily be carried away, and that’s when you will unknowingly cross that fine line I mentioned earlier. Being fully aware of her/his emotions, feelings and behaviour is the only way you can navigate each of the little tiffs to a sweet, happy, and romantic ending. Incautious actions will lead to a disaster.
  4. Not Too Often: The problem with familiarity is that the essence will be lost. What’s the purpose of the love fights if your partner has lost the essence of it? Once your partner becomes uninterested in the things you do it will begin to annoy and infuriate her/him. Once you’ve crossed that fine line of balance it will be very difficult to come back to the safe zone because you’ve already lost her/him.
  5. Find A Suitable Enhancer: Even the most lavish, elaborate, and exquisite dish needs a garnish. Just because you have mastered the art of love squabbles it doesn’t eliminate the need for an enhancer. Find a signature enhancer for that magical touch which will leave your partner wanting for more. It can be a candle light dinner, a surprise gift, fulfilling that one thing your partner always wanted, ticket to the latest romantic play in town, may be something from Archies, could be something as simple as a visit to the botanical garden, or even an evening walk to the nearby park.

Even the most perfect couple in an ideal relationship are bound to have tiffs. Yes! It is impossible for any relationship to grow without differences of opinions, misunderstandings and little quarrels. Now, the answer to the title question is: squabbles between couples can be both good and bad. The above mentioned five tenets were discussed to identify ways of turning these misunderstandings and quarrels into romantic and loveable incidents; after all isn’t Love and Romance the pre-dominant factors of any relationship?


Antony Aravind