Stress free Traffic Jams


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Do you have dreams of a traffic free road and zipping to your office in a matter of minutes? But the dream remains a dream as you get on to the road and find yourself stuck in a jam. You are plagued with feelings of irritation, anger and frustration. At times this results in rude and aggressive behaviour from your end to other passerbys.

Traffic jams have sadly become inevitable part of our lives unless it is a bandh and we have to learn to deal with it.

Here are 5 tips on how you could deal with the stress you feel in a healthy way.

  • Breathe: The minute you see a long queue of vehicles and an extended red signal, breathe rapidly for 10 times. This arrests the possibility of developing irritation, anger and frustration.
  • Distract Yourself: Switch on your favourite music and let that distract you. Try to focus on something that you are looking forward to.
  • Organise: You can start by organizing your vehicle by de-cluttering the box spaces or you can start making and adding to your to do list.
  • Curtail angry reactions: You cannot eliminate every negative feeling. If you feel a flash of annoyance, it’s okay. Notice and accept what you are feeling and move on to the next feeling. This will help stop you from over thinking and stressing yourself out over something that has already happened.
  • Pause: Try to observe the lighter moments around you. Stretch your hands, rotate your shoulders and wrists to relax your body.