What is Healtheminds?
Healtheminds is an online counselling service enabler. We enable safe, supportive and secure counselling services across various concerns.

Who are the Healtheminds counsellors?
Healtheminds has a panel which consists of professional and experienced counsellors who are passionate and caring.

Who will be helping me?
At Healtheminds we have a panel of counsellors who have expertise to address different areas of concerns. Depending on your concern a specialised counsellor will help you.

Is Healtheminds right for me?
Healtheminds is an online service enabler, if you are travelling or at long distance and need help then Healtheminds is the right place for you. If you are seeking help of an expert for your specific concern, then Healtheminds is the right place for you.

I signed up. How long until I’m matched with a counsellor?
You will be provided with the right expertise at the earliest availability.

How does it work?
Healtheminds is an online counselling service enabler. We offer counselling services through online video, audio, chat.

How long will I use Healtheminds?
There is no fixed time period. It depends on your concern that you bring in and the approach used by the counsellor.

How much does it cost?
Healtheminds has multiple experts on the panel. For sessions with our specialised panelists, prices differ and you will be informed of this in advance before you confirm your session. Please write to info@healtheminds.org to find out the pricing for the counselling services.

How many sessions can I have with my counsellor while I’m subscribed?
There are no fixed number of sessions, it depends on your concern that you bring in and the approach used by the counsellor.

Can I be reimbursed by my insurance?
You will have to check with your insurance provider for the reimbursement.

What hardware and software do I need for using Healtheminds?
You will not need any software or hardware to speak to anyone on Healtheminds. You will only need a working internet connection. You can write to info@healtheminds.org and you will be connected with a counsellor. In case of a video session, you will need a minimum 2 Mbps internet bandwidth, webcam, headphones/mic.

What is the role of Healtheminds.com?
We enable sessions for you with qualified experts from the comfort of your home. Our role is to ensure that your concern is addressed and you feel better.

How can I be sure that this is effective?
We as counselling enablers, work with you as a person first, and then focus on your concerns. Once the counsellor understands you as a person with your strengths and limitations, your stress and coping and other dynamics, the process would be easier and effective.

How is my privacy protected?
We understand your concern, at HealthEminds high confidentiality is maintained. Also before making the payment a disclaimer is provided on our website which you can go through and I assure that your privacy is safe.

Can I stay anonymous?
Yes, you can stay anonymous. Your details will only be shared with your counsellor and it will stay confidential with us.

What if I want to change or stop my subscription?
HealthEminds does not offer any subscriptions*

How can I get started with Healtheminds?
You could let us know about your concern on info@healtheminds.org and we will connect you with an expert counsellor.

I’m a licensed counsellor. How can I provide services using Healtheminds?
Please send in your resumes/CV to info@healtheminds.org and we will get back to you.

How many Branches do Healtheminds have?
We are based in India and our services are global.

What is your approach?
Our approach is client centered. We focus on connecting you with the most appropriate counsellor to help you through your concern.

How do you protect my privacy?
At HealthEminds high confidentiality is maintained and we assure that your privacy is safe.

What happens in a counselling session?
A counsellor begins with discussing your concerns and go on to details on understanding you as a person. Once they get to know about you and your concerns well, the future plan are worked together.

How many sessions do I have to come in?
There is no fixed number of sessions, it depends on your concern that you bring in and the approach used by the counsellor.

Do you provide free sessions because you are web based company?
We are very sorry to say that we do not provide free sessions. Even though we are web based, the process of counselling is extremely professional, following ethical guidelines with a participatory concern from you. We are not voluntary service enablers, rather we connect you with professionally trained counsellors.

Can I have a face to face session?
We do not provide face to face, physical counselling sessions currently. We only offer online counselling services through the medium of call/chat/video.

What services do you provide?
We enable online counselling services.

What is counselling?
Counselling is a process where counsellors help you to help yourself. They play the role of a facilitator, coach, trainer, therapist, and educator. Approach and techniques differs from person to person.

What issues do you provide counseling for?
We enable you with any type of psychological help with an expert at an individual and couple level.

I think I have xxxx issue. Would you be able to tell me if I have the issue or not and help me with it?
We would like to know about you and your concern in detail, which can be taken up by a counsellor in a counseling session and dealt in detail to help you understand it better.

(In case of website functionality issues) 
Our apologies for your inconvenience. Please write to us on info@healtheminds.org and let us know the issue you are facing, we will attend to it.

Are you a counselor? Will you counsel me?

We are counselling service enablers, we will enable you with a professional counsellor who will counsel you.

I want you to counsel me.
Yes sure, we will connect you with a counsellor to do the same. Write to us on info@healtheminds.org and we will get back to you at the earliest.