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The Six Pillars of a Healthy Relationship

Every human being has an inherent need or desire to be in a relationship. There could be different reasons why one would want to be in […]

Top 10 Reasons to Use HealthEminds as a Professional

Below are the benefits of joining our panel of renowned psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, life coaches and nutritionists. We aim to recruit professionals who are committed to improving […]

Reconnecting with your mother – In conversation with Ms. Smita Chimmanda

Relationships evolve and grow over time. Relationships between parents and children, especially as the latter enters adulthood, undergo many changes. In a conversation with HealthEminds, psychotherapist […]

Questions You Always Wanted to Ask Parenting Experts

KleverKid parents share their parental anxieties with the parenting experts from Health-E-Minds. Here are snippets of what the experts have to say about them. If you […]

Before you tie the knot…

Every person has certain expectations about what their wedding will look like. Weeks and months are spent planning every little detail for the big day and […]

HealthEminds and “Live Love Laugh” Foundation Aim to Improve Mental Health for Indians Many Years to Come

  Bangalore – As depression rates rapidly incline in India, HealthEminds and the recent launch of Deepika Padukone’s Live Love Laugh Foundation, look to address this […]

Understanding and Overcoming Phobia

Phobia – The crippling terror you experience when you are about to do something you are terrified of. It goes to the extent of you being […]

Travelling soul, travelling mind

  Our world is so diverse in each and every way. Hundreds of countries, thousands of different cultures, and millions of languages, there’s just too much […]

Cyber bullying

A person uploads a picture of themselves onto their social network. They hope for a number of likes and comments on this picture. They experience the […]

5 Ways to overcome Culture Shock

Have you recently visited or moved to a different city or country? Did you have an initial feeling of uncertainty and anxiety? Feeling out of place? […]

Help with Reducing Anxiety

We have all experienced bouts of anxiety at some point in our lives. In fact, it is a very typical and normal feeling to have. However, […]

Turning Weaknesses into Strengths: The Path to Self-Discovery

As human beings, we all have virtues and values that we abide with, but all things can’t be good right? That’s why we are equipped with […]

Tips for parents of preschool-age children: Helpful hints for a smoother transition

The first day of pre-school (or play school) is a milestone for every child, and parent! You might remember feeling anxious or apprehensive as you dropped […]

Identifying depression in the workplace

Depression is a common yet serious mental illness that is a result of lower levels of some neurotransmitters in the brain, that are important in mood, […]

Workplace stress

Are you Stressed at Work? It started with a small spat with your partner because you have not had enough time to help set up the […]

Workaholism: An Accepted Addiction?

In a society that is adamant in making sure that an idle mind does not give way to a devil’s workshop, being engaged in work is […]

Are you addicted to a screen?

Do you constantly update your activities on Snap-chat or Instagram every day? Are you keeping track of your friends on Facebook or cruising through those hard […]

FREE Webinar on Understanding Addiction & Helping Loved Ones

Alcohol and drug use has a deep impact on families and relationships. The damage caused by alcohol and drug use can be minimized through early intervention. Healtheminds […]

Bad touch versus good touch

From the Chota book of Parenting Chapter 7 By Dr Sunita Maheshwari Any parent’s worst nightmare is the phone call informing that their child has been […]