Children and adolescents develop social skills and emotional intelligence as they grow, leading them to healthy, happy adult lives. But some children may have emotions or behave in ways that disrupt their development and well-being. Each phase of growing up has its own challenges, and life events can make these challenges harder to deal with.

Therapy isn’t just for adults – children and teens can benefit from the safe space of the therapy environment to process their thoughts and emotions and learn to deal with them.

Counselling can help young people struggling to deal with friends, family or school; feeling anxious, depressed, angry, scared or isolated; and finding it difficult to confide in their loved ones. They can talk through their issues without being judged and find therapy makes a positive difference in their lives.

Our experts are trained and experienced in helping children and young people.


If you are feeling worthless, isolated, or are thinking of ending your life, call someone you trust, the nearest hospital, or the suicide helpline.