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Am I ready to get married?

Are you ready for marriage? How do I know that I’m ready for a life ahead with someone in a knot of commitment?   Most young […]

Happiness…Do I need it?

Happiness is a subjective experience and is considered by many as an intangible art. It has been widely studied by scholars and other mental health professionals, […]

Now that’s a powerful move: From Criminalizing to Care

Decriminalizing Suicide in India, I would say is one of the major steps towards Mental Health Care. Only a few countries have decriminalized suicide in the […]

What career is best for me?

There are several variables that influence how satisfied you will be in a particular career. Highlighted here are 4 most important factors that need to be […]

I’m going to be a parent!

Becoming a parent is like a Roller Coaster ride: moments of sheer exhilaration mixed thoroughly with stretches of anxiety and apprehension. The key to coping up […]

To Eat or Not to Eat: The Truth about Comfort Eating

It is common for many of us to eat when we are feeling stressed, bored, sad or anxious. A small bar of chocolate when we are […]