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What you need to understand about Therapy

To be a good therapist, it is important to undergo the process of therapy yourself. The first time I went for counselling was during my masters […]

Taking care of yourself during infertility treatments

“Don’t listen to people who tell you how you’re supposed to feel – the only one who gets to decide that is you” – Becky There […]

Are you a helicopter parent?

Many of us remember a time when our parents would push us out to play with our friends and we were supposed to return home by […]

Adapting to an Organisational Change

When the airports in metro cities were privatised a decade ago, I as a journalist in my previous career wrote about angst, frustration and insecurities of […]

Working with different personality types

Psychologists have said that every individual is unique and we have all have different personality ‘types’ but similar ‘traits’ that classify us into different categories and […]

What is your love language? In conversation with Aruna Arumugam

Are you communicating in the same love language? Some marriages resemble ‘war zones’. Couples forget that when they said “I do”, they were essentially agreeing to […]

Best management strategies – How to manage and modify your managerial style

Managers often feel bogged down by people management issues. Indeed, studies done indicate that the top three issues most commonly faced by managers/supervisors are challenges in: […]

Being Assertive at Work

“Assertiveness involves advocating for yourself in a way that is positive and proactive,” Joyce Marter. Being assertive is a skill, it takes a lot of practice. […]

Your work type Attitude

A manager requires his/her subordinates to be highly structured and organized in carrying out their work. They will not tolerate or accept work which is overdue […]

Tricks to a Work-Life Balance

‘Work/life balance, in its broadest sense, is defined as a satisfactory level of involvement or fit between the multiple roles in a person’s life. Although definitions […]

Beating the Blues of Mid-Career Crisis

Mid-career crisis is becoming a widespread phenomenon where the mid-level managerial employees are experiencing lower levels of job satisfaction. A research conducted at University of Warwick […]

That’s Not What I Meant

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” – George Bernard Shaw For those who misunderstand communication with language: Language […]

Winning at Work

Ah. Winning! Winning is not the gold medal at the end of the race anymore. Winning is work life balance, time spent with family, a decent […]

Bullying- Speak up!

What is bullying? Bullying in simple terms is a group of children who try to offend someone else by putting them down. This is often experienced […]

Dealing with Disappointment

When was the last time disappointment hit you? When was the last time a plan you were looking forward to got cancelled? What were your thoughts […]

The freedom to love

“The mother, now more certain of the stance is convinced that her daughter, more than being abnormal in her orientation, is also a criminal.” A 21-year-old […]

Don’t Lose Yourself

“A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety” – Aesop Bajaj, a motorcycle major in India is enjoying the great success […]

The Positivity in Defense

We all have our own defense mechanisms that we mostly use when the situation is too much for us to handle or when we are too […]

Beating Everyday Stress at Workplace by Quick Breathing Techniques

With rapidly changing job demands, work place stress and anxiety, is increasingly contributing to lower employee productivity, absenteeism in turn affecting the overall growth of the […]

Being in the shackles of domestic abuse

It was the usual story of girl meets boy, they fall in love, and get married. Only with him, the marriage turned to ruins after a […]

Mystery of The Mind: Illness or Gift?

“Before I die I’d love to see my name on the Famous Bi Polar list, I’m not ashamed of my Illness I believe most of my […]

Job Satisfaction: It’s In You

“Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them” – Ann Landers Recently I was at Kanchipuram, known for producing one of […]

Am I depressed?

How do I explain this? Nobody can understand what I am going through. The way I think, the way I feel, everything has changed. I am […]

The Dominator

We have all come across one in our days. It may be that overbearing boss or an overpowering friend. They can be found everywhere and they […]

Stress: Do’s and Don’ts

Stress is like coffee; few work well with it, few don’t and it is part of a day’s routine for most of us. It can be […]

Effects of Passive-Aggressive Communication On Children

He felt remorseful sitting on the couch at the clinic. He was blaming himself all the one hour he sat there. His loss of communication with […]

One step at a time

I woke up with an uneasy feeling in my heart. The day appeared bleak. I managed to drag myself through the morning chores, all the time […]

Social Media: Vulnerability to Depression

“Being popular on Social Media is like sitting at the cool table in a cafeteria at a Mental Hospital.” – A Real Friend In 2004 there was […]

The growing need of Anxiety Counseling in India and what you should know about

What is an Anxiety Counselling? Anxiety counselling is a phenomenon that has relatively becoming common in the recent years, especially in India. We feel sad and […]

To Be or Not to Be

“But kids don’t stay with you if you do it right. It’s the one job where, the better you are, the more surely you won’t be […]