Location : Delhi - NCR

Concerned Areas : Behavioural Counselling | Child Mental Wellness | Cognitive Behaviour Therapy | Counselling | Grief & Trauma | Mental Wellness | Psychiatric Illness | Relationships | Substance Abuse |

Aleta holds an MA in Clinical Psychology from Lucknow University. She has over 27 years of experience as a mental wellness counsellor at reputed companies and educational institutions across India and Thailand. She has conducted and participated in several industry and academic seminars on mental health.

Aleta’s counselling method integrates elements of person-centred perspective, cognitive behavioural therapy and solution-focused approaches. She has worked with individuals and groups, and has expertise with behavioural disorders, grief and trauma, psychiatric illnesses, relationships, substance use disorders, and child mental health.

She is a member of the Rehabilitation Council of India.

Aleta speaks English and Hindi.

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